…”Australia’s most intimate chamber music festival”

Music in the Hunter

Due to the unfortunate consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic, we had to cancel the Music in the Hunter (Beethoven) 2020 festival.

David, Ida, Dene, Irina and Philippa

Sponsored by: Constable Estate   |   Resident Artists: Goldner String Quartet

Music in the Hunter


‘Music is the wine which inspires one to new generative processes, and I am Bacchus who presses out this glorious wine for mankind and makes them spiritually drunken’. ~ Ludwig van Beethoven

Guest Comments

“This was my first experience of the full weekend of music and it was delicious. It was a weekend of feasting – on music, on fine food and being in the company of so many other dedicated music lovers. I feel sure it has touched my soul for the better! I’ll be back next year.”

Secret Magic of Music

Secret Magic of Music By Ida Lichter

Purchase The Secret Magic of Music by Ida Lichter.

The Secret Magic of Music

Conversations with Musical Masters

By: Ida Lichter, (Forword by Evgeny Kissin)

Great music has the power to transform. Understanding and appreciating classical music can enlighten, uplift, and educate not only the intellect but the soul. In The Secret Magic of Music, classical music devotee and psychiatrist Ida Lichter uncovers a more accessible side of music. By providing the performers’ insights, Lichter provides a special look into how great music can bring happiness and spiritual meaning to its listeners.

The Secret Magic of Music is a collection of thought pieces based on interviews with the foremost conductors and performers of chamber music. It is organized by performing artist and is intended to provide each musician’s perception of classical music’s value and social function. As the journey from the score to the listener takes place, Lichter reveals how each performer’s passion, dedication, and outstanding talent affects their lives, their performances, and their listeners. Lichter explores why classical music is often considered unpalatable to the casual listener, how it can have the power to heal, its function in therapy, among other loaded questions.

Not only does The Secret Magic of Music enrich the experience of music lovers, it introduces new listeners to classical music’s pleasures, mysteries, and transformational potential. Music has the ability to cross cultural borders and span personal difference, to unite people on common ground they might otherwise never find. The importance of passing on the appreciation of our musical heritage to the next generation is real. To lose it would be inexcusable.

Listen to Ida Lichter on ABC RN Australian Music Broadcast.